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Re: Practical Programming for Hypertrophy

The less resistance the faster your workouts are going to be, it's as simple as that. Resistance determines how many reps and the size of the time frame necessary to complete the reps. At high resistance you sacrifice time under tension. If resistance were the end all be all some of us would do 1 rep then go home. Similarly if time under tension mattered alone then why even bother using any weight. Just move your arm up and down all day without any rest. You can't get stronger without volume just as you can't get bigger muscles without resistance.

Try doing a 20 rep squats with 70-75% of your 1rm under a minute. You would burn out pretty fast. Instead you might do 8 reps and rest-pause the other 12.

Rest time only matters if you're going to sit around playing chess or reading a newspaper in between sets. But what's the point in sitting around when you can be in and out the gym in an hour?

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