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Re: Practical Programming for Hypertrophy

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Lift heavy on any reps between 5-12 (this is approximately 65-80%...) and eat a lot.

You will get bigger.

Rest times really don't matter... anything in the 1-5 range generally works as long as the EFFORT is good
I don't often do this... but I disagree with Steven.

I have direct experience with multiple clients implementing loads of 55-78% of 1RM in compound movements (predominantly the Back Squat) for very high volumes with VERY LOW RESTS, and while I think that all of those parameters are important, I would say that the most important for Hypertrophy is in fact the reduced rest periods.

So, his first two point are very correct in my mind, but on the third we disagree. I would place the emphasis first on volume, then on density. Ie, reduced rest periods. There are several research pieces regarding hormonal response and other blood work (lactate especially) showing increase endocrine response to protocols of reduced or incomplete rests. Add to this excess calories and you will see rapid hypertrophy.
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