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Re: Practical Programming for Hypertrophy

Originally Posted by Craig Adams View Post
In his book Rip states that sometimes it is not only acceptable but neccessary for an athlete to need to gain mass by focusing on hypertrophy. With that in mind - and the disclaimer that I am not intending on doing anything particularly silly, like using isolation movements...and I am a crossfitter who intends to return to crossfitting after a period of mass focused training:

There are a few parameters in Rips book that are important to programming for hypertrophy.
1. 3-5 sets in the 12 rep range work best
2. 45 second rest periods between sets are optimal
3. hypertrophy training best utilizes 65% - 80% of 1RM for loading.

Would those of you who have experience programming for mass gain programs please comment on which of these should take priority. The reason I ask is that with those minimal rest periods, 65% can not be done for 12 reps after the second set for large multi-joint movements and on smaller movements (overhead press) can't even get to 12 reps in the second set. (got 11 today). So, is it more important to get all 12 in a set, if so increasing the rest period or dropping the weight might be needed. But if staying at a minimum if 65% is required, then maybe getting all 12 reps in a set is not as important as the other two parameters. Etc...


Standard bb for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy - definitely get the reps, let %max be what it is. Probably start 3*10 work up to 3*12 then add enough weight to drop to 3*10. You will probably adapt to the higher reps and push the % of max up over time anyway.

Best modern natural bulking program advice seems to be 3*6-8 of basic power movement plus 3*10-12 of a different movement in the same workout. ie
bench 3*6 db bench 3*12
squat 3*6 front squat 3*12

Above is just me passing on what seems to be the best available theory, if you saw me you wouldn't take fitness advice from me.

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