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Re: MMA Antichrist - Brock Lesnar

I think it is so funny that people are crying about how one superior athlete who is a great wrestler is winning fights. For all you purists out there UFC was created to prove what styles of fighting are the best and to simulate a street fight as much as possible, its obviously changed since the beginning, for the good I think. Everyone is mad that he makes it look so easy and hasn't put in the years of MMA training that many others require to make it to that level. Not all people are created genetically equal. This guy trains like an animal. Not to mention a great wrestler, heavy hands and pushing the action has always proved to be sufficient combination to be a force in MMA.

Plus now i want to see who the guy who will now beat brock, its only a mater of time...I'd like to see Muchita or some one like him take him on. some one with a strong passive game to beat him. But I'm sure they will be finding beasts out there to match his size and see if someone can knock him out.

Plus its a business that is about entertaining the masses and Dana white would be a fool not to capitalize on a one man marketing campaign. Mute the TV or just record it and fast forward to just the fights if you don't want the extras... I like the hype it gets people emotionally involved in the sport who are not connected to the sport.
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