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Re: MMA Antichrist - Brock Lesnar

What some people don't realize, who hate Brock Lesnar, is that they're getting sucked in. In short, they're all "marks" (yes pro wrestling term), meaning they're falling for Lesnar's marketing ploy. He wants you to hate him, and I guarantee is next fight will generate huge buyrates (again), whether it be against Cain or Carwin, because people want to see him lose. Say whatever you want about him, he has your interest and that's all that matters to him and Dana White.
As far as this weight class issue goes, he weighs in at 265 so therefore he's a HW. Of all excuses this one surprises me the most. Frank Mir is a 250lb BJJ BLACK BELT. The whole concept of BJJ is that it's a form of combat to help the little guy beat the bigger guy. Mir is no small man, and he's a black belt in BJJ, there's no excuses. Lesnar simply completely neutralized Mir's ground game. If he's stronger... so what? GSP is stronger than Matt Serra. It's a moot point that has no place in MMA discussion.
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