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Pre/Post-Surgery Strengthening

A friend of mine has just torn her ACL completely. I know there are a million ACL posts in here and I've read some of them. But I'm sort of zero-ing in on something specific.

She's going to have surgery soon and will have an ACL replacement. Her Doctor has instructed her to do some pre-surgery training to strengthen the muscles around the knee. She can walk and do maybe a third of or half of a squat without pain. She might even be able to do full squats without pain. But obviously, there can be no lateral or pivoting movement. The Doctor has recommended swimming and light cycling because they are easy on the knee. He also mentioned that squatting would be good.

I wanted to test his recommendation against you guys in here on the message board. She's asked me to help her with her strengthening because she knows I'm a level 1 trainer. But I know little about rehab or prep work for an ACL replacement. What do you guys think of what he's saying?

Also wanted to throw a few questions out there about strengthening and rehab.

Should she be squatting to some degree pre-surgery?

Is lunging a good way to help build strength pre or post surgery, or is that a dangerous movement for her at this time?

Since running is out, would getting on the rower and going easy on it be a good alternative to running since there's no impact? Should she be doing any of this pre-surgery? And how should her strength training for those surrounding muscles look different post surgery?

I appreciate any input you guys might have on this. I'm sorry I didn't get it all from the search bar. Was hoping there'd be some people who enjoy answering these questions.
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