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The importance of the RRG (AKA; smart business)

CrossFit as a whole (you and me) is waging war. Our battleground is the health and fitness landscape. Our opponent is the Globo Gym. What's at stake is the future of fitness in the world. Oh, yeah, the winner's share of a $78 billion industry.

And here's why the RRG is of vital importance aside from insuring your a$$ doesn't get handed to you if someone does one-too-many rhabdo-inducing pullups after indulging in their birthday bash...

Our opponent will not go quietly into the night.

To think the Globo Gyms might just let us take what they have come to expect (income) is inane. Globos make money (not necessarily profit, nor fitness, but that is another post) and that money is, I suspect, being used to line the pockets of two major players. The conventional insurance industry and government officials are those players.


Because, in battle, an opponent will do anything to win. Especially if their lively hood (again, income) is on the line. You would too, maybe.

Here’s how it works… a $78 billion industry is being threatened by an upstart through loss of market share. Market share they cannot get their hands on. And due to the effectiveness of the upstart the Globos will NEVER get that market share back. And it’s only getting worse. See the upstart is growing at an unheard of rate. 300% over the pat 18 months. So the Globos read something about this Rhabdo case in the paper and immediately put a call into their insurance providers. Yes, plural, they use many providers and pay them a lot of money. And on that call the Globo tells the insurance company to “do something about the upstart because they are threatening our cushy lifestyle, er, I mean causing the permanent damage done by the evil rhabdo.” The insurance providers read the writing on the wall… their biggest client is risking loss of business which threatens the profit of the insurance companies. So the insurance companies have a dozen lobbyists in Washington DC. And those lobbyists lean on the legislators who are sympathetic to their cause.

How long do you think it will be, if we don’t take hold of our future, until nonsensical laws are passed covering the health and fitness industry? And don’t be surprised if adherence to those laws is only able to be met by large companies with deep checkbooks.

That’s IF we don’t take our future business in our hands.

The RRG puts our future control in our hands.

The RRG changes the game.

If you are an affiliate that has read this and you want to insure you future success join the RRG. I am.

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