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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

I don't think the whole of the military is moving away from it, but I do know that a lot of military members (or more precisely those I know) shy away from it, because they hear the rumors that it is unsafe. Also because it is difficult and challenging. I have talked to a lot of military members that do CF and those that do not about CF. The truth of it is, many of the ones that get injured do so because of lack of training in mechanics and not easing into the program. It states very clearly on the mainsite in the start here section that one must work mechanics then consistency and then intensity. Unfortunately, you know as well as I do that there are not a lot of people who heed that. Then when they get injured it is because of Crossfit and not the fact that they failed to heed the warnings of the program. I explain this to a lot of people. I explain that if grandmothers and children can do the program then a 22 year old should have no problems. But the difference is the 22 year old wants to do everything right now, not take the time to learn things properly (just a generalization no one bite my head off if you are 22 and did things properly). I have corrected a lot of service members doing Crossfit style workouts on their own in the gym in regards to form. I explain to them that before they try to throw a lot of weight around they must learn the proper way to do so. I have had service members come up and say they got an injury doing some type of Crossfit workout or lift, so they don't CF anymore. Then I asked if they learned how to properly do the lift or did they just try to outlift their buddy and let testosterone get in the way (sorry guys) and the answer is usually the latter. So, its not CF's fault but that of the Soldier. Unfortunately they need to blame someone or something and not themselves. I have been doing CF since 2006. I have had injuries and they are usually because I am clumsy and drop a bar on my leg or something equally stupid. Is it CF's fault? No, but other SM have tried to blame it on that. They say it is because of my crazy workout program and they knew it would hurt me. To which I explain that I am clumsy and prone to banging into or falling off of stuff on a regular basis with or without CF. The problem the military is going to run into is the safety issue and the ability to train properly. They will listen to all of those that say the program is unsafe and start throwing around the lawsuit issue without fully looking into the program and how it is conducted. I had hoped with Coach's presentation at the War College it would make a bit of headway, and perhaps it will. Those of us in the military who do CF will just have to be certain that we are helping out others getting into the program and ensuring that they are going about it the correct and safe way; and that we are dispelling some of the bigger misconceptions or rumors. Sorry if that was long winded and a bit convoluted. By the by, pukie the dog? That is just silly.