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Military leaning away from CrossFit?

A guy I work with who knows I do CrossFit WODs sent me an email today.

Here are some excerpts from that email, I have XXXXX'd out names. Yes some of it is blatantly rumor that has spread, I get that. Some of the information is flat out wrong, and that is sad to see. No, I'm not out to get CrossFit. I do the WODs.

But rumors spread fast and it is interesting that the military is turning away from CrossFit, even as G. Glassman just gave a lecture to the National War College. I believe that CrossFit HQ really needs to do something about its image in light of the fact many of the military do, and perform very well with the CrossFit program. I bring this to light for the community in the hopes that I am not banned from doing a CrossFit workout at my base gym when I can't get home to my home gym.

CrossFit needs support, it needs trainers who train form first, intensity second, and most of all it needs better PR to the higher ups in the military.

Mr. XXXXXX, per our conversation yesterday ACC does not recommend or support CrossFit being in our facilities. CrossFit is an extreme workout program that is not for everyone (despite their claims) and goes against the exercise recommendations of the major certifying bodies in the industry (Cooper's, ACSM, NSCA). Their founder, Mr. Greg Glassman states that proper form is not a concern and is overemphasized when it comes to exercise. That is absolutely not true, because without proper form injuries occur. Not only do they not emphasize proper form while exercising, a lot of their exercises are contraindicated (risk outweighs the benefit) and they urge
people to push themselves past their capabilities. Their mascot is Pukey
the Dog and a badge of honor is to meet Pukey meaning you have pushed
yourself to the point of throwing up. This mentality has brought several
lawsuits against CrossFit. (See links). (wfs) (wfs)

We have asked ACSM for a position statement and they are working on it.
Below is an e-mail from NSCA with their take on it. In our annual
conference in San Antonio this past year, we learned the Navy, Army, and
Marines are having issues with CrossFit too.
See below about the major issues about the Crossfit program. The AF FPMs
have major reservations about it on a scientific and functional level. The
AF Portal has a link. I want to emphasize that just because the link is on
the AF Portal does not mean that the AF endorses it. Proceed with extreme
I was contacted back by NSCA about the Cross Fit program and they are in the same boat of no support for the program. I am forwarding what Mr XXXXX of the NSCA stated about it.
You are right on with crossfit. We have our reservations from both a
scientific and functional point of view. As far as the military goes, the
Marine Corps is going away from it and so is the Navy. The Navy has a
lawsuit against them right now. As far as SF, USSOCOM is going away from it
and most of my traveling is to SF Groups around the country. CAG and DEVGRU do not use crossfit. Crossfit advertises that most of these communities use this method but the truth is they are starting to pull away because of the high injury rate. When it comes to SWAT, I am on the fitness committee for the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and they do not endorse Crossfit. There will be some articles coming out this year warning SWAT not to get caught up in the Crossffit cult.

I will Keep you in the loop on where all this is going. Thanks for your