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Re: Refinement of a Nutritional Tool

OK, So last night I was speaking with my trainer at the Affiliate where I've been going, and I showed him this spreadsheet. He thought it was great, but said that the carb quantities looked to high.

I explained to him how I got them, doing calculations to determine the quantities necessary to ensure 7 grams of protein per block, 9 grams of usable carbs per block, and 1.5 grams of fat per block. I also explained that I was trying to eliminate the vague measurement of cups and replace it with a specific one.

He said that was great, but that the Zone blocks as listed would work OK, and I'd get better results if I just bit the bullet and accepted vague. LOL He doesn't know me very well yet.

Still, these workouts feel great, I feel great, and I'll do my best to follow advice. Over the next couple days, as I measure my carbs, I'll use the volume based measurements as they are in the Meal Planner in the CFJ, and then take those quantities as grams, and update this spreadsheet. If anyone who's gotten this sheet, or anyone who would like a copy from this point on, is interested, I'd love to know what measurements *you* are using for your carb blocks. Please drop me a line or post it here, and we can get this thing optimized!

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