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First time Fran and Thrusters

I'm thinking about doing Fran this week because I am in a bind at work and don't have a lot of time to work out. I know there are other threads on this subject but I thought I'd start my own then post my results. I'd like to get some advice how to approach this.

General Approach:
I have weights in my garage and PU bar in backyard. I was thinking of doing thrusters in backyard then walking around to backyard (roughly 50feet). That would comprise my rest time between Thrusters and pullups. Another option would be to take the weights to the back yard.

Also, I am pretty sure I can do the first set of 21 as prescribed but I may destroy my chances of completing the 15-9. Should I break up the 21 set with a 30 second break at 10 reps or just do it?

*CF fan for about 4 - 5 months now but I don't follow a cross fit program, not yet at least. I pretty much just check up on the forums and main page every day.
*I've been on an O'lifting kick the last two months so most of my workouts have revolved around around O'Lifting lately.
*I run 5k's or sprints a couple times a month with some friends from work.
*My CFT is approximately 880 and I weight 195 which makes me an intermediate Cross Fitter.
*I think I can do Fran as Rx'd. 95lb Thrusters and kippings.
*I've been practicing kippings for the last couple months so I am cool with that.
*I have never done thrusters but I have a good ATG squat and I know where the bar is supposed to end up over my head at lockout.
*I have weights
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