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Re: Refinement of a Nutritional Tool

OK, it's done!

The spreadsheet is fully configured and populated, with 73 tasty and healthy ingredients, only four of which are not paleo-diet friendly. I had to put those on there because, sadly, a fully paleo diet is not in the cards, or more specifically, the bank account. I needed the cheap calories of oatmeal, black beans, and milk to bring the cost down to "remotely affordable if I never buy another book or album." However, these horribly Neolithic foods are noted on the nutritional info page as being post-Stone Age.

Of course, while the theory is pretty sound, who knows exactly what early man ate? I'm sure the diet flucuated quite a bit... after the Mt. Toba super-volcano blew 78,000 years ago, devestated the climate and advanced glaciation by a couple milennia, wiping out 90% of our species, I'm sure all kinds of things were on the menu of cavemen which hadn't been before including, probably, each other.

Anyway, You'll have to gather the price-per-unit (usually per gram) from your local markets. I've left the calculation matrix columns unhidden on Sunday's menu so you can see how they work, and Sunday has a sample menu compiled.

It's still too big to post, and I haven't had any clearance from the admins to post a larger-than-limit file, so if anyone wants a copy of this, send me a PM and I'll email it to you.

Hope you all find it useful!

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