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Re: Refinement of a Nutritional Tool

So, I got the issues with adapting the spreadsheet for a Zone diet resolved, it's now structurally set up to track a 5 meal per day, one week Zone menu plan and compile your shopping list for you.

Obviously, you'd need to determine what the prices are for each item at your local market.

Currently, there is space for 73 ingredients. This can be expanded, but unless you're an excel whiz you'll probably need some help with adding the additional lines. Not because I don't think you know how to add rows, but because the formulae still aren't copy-and-paste friendly.

I'm still compiling nutrition data for the new Zone and Paleo friendly items, so that page is still mostly blank. I should have that done in a couple of days.

I do have some questions, now that I'm doing the math, about quantities of paleo-friendly vegetables which one is apparently required to eat to create a 4 block meal... I mean, 2 carb blocks worth of spinach is 1.2 kilos. Does anyone seriously eat like this?

I'd love some advice on this issue; I posted about it yesterday on my other thread in this section, but no one has replied so far.

In the meantime, if anyone wants a copy of this, let me know. If any mods read this and want to up the posting attachment size limit so I can just stick it on here, that'd be great too.

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