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Re: back pain...

A few updates to this... So i'm out of healthcare until 09 so an MRI is out of the question. I saw a family friend who is an excellent Chiro and after an examination 3 weeks ago he thinks i have a strained or tore ligament in my back. He has given me procaine injections once a week since.

Previously i had no lower body sensations related to the back pain. More recently i have been having a shooting pain ( its not that bad of a pain but its there) sometimes in my left tesicle. Now i should mention the back pain is only present when i am sitting in a chair, or lifting something off the ground.

Standing or laying has no pain. I can do light overhead squats with no pain, pullups, hang cleans, thrusters ( if i keep my back straight). After a workout my back generally feels pretty good, as it does when im in the hot tub. But the next day its usually pretty damn bad.

I'm scared of what the added testicular pain may mean to the severity of a back injury. Im hoping i can get some guesses here, since i wont be able to get an mri for at least a month
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