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Re: Comprehensive bodyweight workout list for download

Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Great list!

I tell you what though, it is crappin hard to find a pullup bar when you need one. I am talking about when I am on a business trip staying in a hotel. I can usually always find a high school or junior high with a track to workout on. But it is tough finding somewhere to do pullups. The tracks usually have a football and soccer goals. Football goals are usually too high and they are like 6 inches in diameter. Soccer goals are usually to feeble and again they are too big around.

Other option is a playground but you would be surprised how hard it is just to find a playground now a days with a decent pull up bar. They don't make just plain old fashioned monkey bars anymore. They are all these funky shapes and sizes now.
Just use rings. Not perfect but they are versatile and they are small enough to fit in any briefcase.
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