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back pain...

I'm freaking prone to injuries. I'm over everything i've had prior. ITBS in my left leg, Ac joint problem in my right shoulder, tendonitis in my left arm. Thankfully all better now.

But... about a month and a half ago after doing deadlifts ( not immediately later in the evening) i had some light pain. Nothing serious, just a tightness / ache in my lower back. I took 2 weeks off from lifting completely due to a different issue. But after a week it felt 100 percent. Still not doing any deadlifts, about a month later i was doing isabell and everything was fine. No pain until later that night at the movies. Woke up a few times that night the pain was so bad. The next day it was painful to put on my socks. By the end of that day after stretching and what not i was mostly back to normal. I've done plenty of wods since and havent had much discomfort. Today i got ballsy and since ive had a very very metcon week decided on some heavy lifts.

Did the greg a warmup, then ohs, fs then into 5 x 5 backsquats. Everything was good. Wanted to try some light deadlifts. Started with 135 x 10 (my previous 1r max was 385). then went to 185 x 5, then 225 x 5. All was good at this point. i put 275 on the bar ( this is still pretty light for me ) did 3 pulls and wasnt feeling it. I felt really damn weak in the deadlift. There wasnt really any pain but there was discomfort. Tonight as i sit here the pain the back like it was after isabell.

Hoping tomorrow i'm not locked up again. using RICE, but does anyone have any idea if it sounds muscular or a disc problem? My form is good, i dont round the back. But i suppose a few months back i could have screwed something up trying for a new pr.
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