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Re: A Bears Tale

Tuesday 29th April 2008

RUN 5k
- 20.01(PR) previous 20.34
Had to 'Suck It Up' from about 1.55k, just left it on 15.1kph and kept going.
Not sure if my running is getting better or i am just pushing myself harder and harder in order to beat my last time. Its not like running on the road where you may slow down without noticing, you physically have to push the button the slow up which is like giving up!! So its 15.2 next time!!

60K 10 / 90K 8 / 110K 4 / 120K 3 / 130K 2 / 130K 1
No heroics here just some nice deep squats. Felt good on all weights.

ROW 500m - 1.27.5 previous 1.29.5
Fran 3:19. Diane 2:49. Elizabeth 5:48. Cindy 26+21. Helen 7:50. JT 7:03. Grace 1.56
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