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Yes, I am.
No I don't get up to his place. I have met him 3 times and know that he is exceptional, as are his pupils. Frankly, the drive up north is not feasible for me on any consistent basis. An occasional session would certainly benefit me, but I have no current setup for practicing the OL techniques and I refuse to waste anyone's time with a half-assed commitment, especially a coach of Mike's stature. Some sessions w/ him is something I will pursue once I have Oly equipment and a place to practice it. For now I still have much refinement to do with KB training and it fits my purpose as a MA. Part of the allure of KB trainiing is that it is so low tech and only requires a patch of dirt. I don't get out to train with others too much, other than my student and my clients. With 3 very young children at home, I got to get my workouts when I can.

How about yourself Lincoln. Have you trained with him?
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