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Edward D. Friedman
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Hello CrossFit Folks:

I just logged on and clicked to check recent postings. I was surprised to see Steve Cotter's post, above. I did not see, nor could I find, the original post he refers to, ( was it deleted ?) so I can't say I know the full scope of what he's referring to.

I can, however, say the following with complete confidence. If you are interested in developing your kettlebell technique and have occasion to train with Steve Cotter, you should, IMHO, seize the opportunity.

I have no business affiliation with Mr. Cotter whatsoever. I am simply passing this information on in the same spirit of sharing that training information is routinely offered on this board.

I believe Mr. Cotter lives in California and I reside in New York. Last month though, when I heard that he would be giving a KB seminar in New Jersey, I and two of my friends got together and made the trip. It was a day of excellent instruction. I am confident that he offered some (bad habit) technique corrections that will make me stronger and will protect me from injury. That alone made the time and cost worthwhile, but there was much more. I received instruction on techniques that I've been reluctant (for a variety of reasons,) to work, and now feel that I can confidently work them into my routine. My ONLY regret about training with Mr. Cotter is that I am geographically unable to do it as often as I'd like.

I hope my current post is consistent with CrossFit posting policy and good etiquette. I believe it is, as I am giving my opinion of a service I have no business interest in. Additionally, I respectfully offer the following for your consideration.

In my dealings with Mr. Cotter, ( exchange of e-mail to confirm attendance at the seminar, observing his demeanor as an instructor at the workshop, etc...) I found him to be a humble (especially in light of his extraordinary ability) expert and caring teacher. Whatever silly faux pas he may have committed with an enthusiastic post, it would be a shame for a trainee to miss the special opportunity to train with him for such a reason.

BTW. I am 43 y.o. a husband, father and partner in a law firm. I've trained with numerous Sensei's and coaches over the years. Although the internet is a murky place, FWIW, I would not be offering this praise unless it was sincere.

Eddie Friedman
Glen Cove, New York
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