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SS yay

Just went back to Crossfit after a 6-ish week SS round to help with strength. My goal / reason for doing SS was to do the WODs with the written weights, and not have to take as many as long of breaks during heavy lifts.

I'm 6' tall and before SS I weighed 157ish and after I was 167ish, +10# body weight

I bench pressed body weight for the first time ever, and increased all the SS lifts quite a bit. Today, I did the 7 rounds of 10 x 95# SDHP and Dips with the prescribed weight on the SDHPs. Before today, I've never done this, always using somewhere between 65-85#. Completed the workout in about 19:10, not a great time, but not terrible.. I don't know if it's faster than before or not, but I was happy that I could do the weight without too much problem.

More happy fun times to come!
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