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Re: Crossfit is the best program for Bodybuilding

Thank you Steven, a well reasoned reply. I am going to go on a guessing game here. I believe, when Coach wrote that statement, the bodybuilding dogma was generally split routines, Monday was bench day, Tuesday was cardio, etc (ala body for life). Lots of preacher curls and pec deck. Go to any gym and look around. Guys and girls doing "bodybuilding" routines and remaining stagnant. Muscle and Fitness published hundreds of "Jack your Guns" articles advocating hammer curls, followed by concentration, hammer, 5-2-8 tempo, drop set, EZ bar curls. Testosterone magazine started to highlight strength coaches (not bodybuilding gurus) and changed the face of bodybuilding. Even the term bodybuilding is not clearly defined. Are we talking the sport or the pursuit? If we are talking about looking "ripped" I could make the argument that CF beats SS. Low body fat levels make the muscles look bigger. Metcon and diet lead to low body fat levels. I guess we do not know the context of Coach's statement and what he defined bodybuilding as.
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