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Re: Official Blogspot Help Thread

I'm afraid this thread is about how to manager a blogspot based site Rolando, so you have to deal with the limitations of their system.

No, there isn't a way to host those files on the blogspot servers Jason, so you'll have to put them someplace else and link to them.
Now I haven't researched this, but Google also offer a static web page hosting system you can link to your google account and that lets you upload about any file type as I recall. The bit I haven't researched is whether it will allow PDFs. I know it accommodated midi files, MP3s, ABC files and a few other odd formats I was looking to use and I don't recall there being any limit on filetypes at all. The amount of dfata you can store up there is limited, so if you're planning to use it as a major file repository, one of the other systems like Patrick mentioned might be better.

If you want to keep it all in the google "family", access your Google account and sign up for Page Creator.
Another Google option though might be to use Google documents and publish read only copies of word documents. I believe you can also create the documents using a web based editor, so that might be useful.
I've put an example of how this would appear at up at WFS, just not very useful information.

Probably not what you're after, so Google Page Creator or external file hosting will be your best options.

Let me know if you struggle with any of this or I've just plain not made sens.
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