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Re: Official Blogspot Help Thread

Re: Jason
Subj: Free File Hosts
It seems your page is only a Blogspot subdomain (as is mine), which doesn't allow file uploads other than images (with Picasaweb). I found this list of free file hosts by a quick Google search:
(Work/Family Safe.)

Read the descriptions, test a few out, and find one you like.
Then there's always RapidShare (aka. Rapid****), hahah.

Reading through the list myself, this (Work/Family Safe.) one seems to be pretty good. You get 1GB of upload space, and 8GB per month of download bandwidth, with the free account. Your account is deleted after 30 days of not signing in, but you get a reminder email warning you of this before it happens. Your files don't ever get deleted for not being downloaded recently.

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