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Re: 2014 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

[quote=Glenn Plomchok;1232552]
Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
The scary part about that is that USA lifters aren't in the top 10 worldwide...guys in the same weight class as Tatum around the world (russia, china, bulgaria, poland, etc) are hitting weights far beyond what North American (Canada for some reason hasn't sent a male weightlifter in ages) athletes are doing. 2013 USA 77kg champ total 303kg, Russian 77kg champ 351kg, Chinese 77kg champ 371kg.

Yeah, I know compared to other countries the numbers Tatum puts up are not huge but for me, comparing the fact that he weighs what I weigh I just can't fathom how he does what he does. He is only getting better too. I like his intensity and style on the platform too.
I totally understand, guys like Dan Green and Jay Nera (both Raw powerlifters) who at 220 are squatting in the 700-800, deadlift 700-800, and benching high 400 low 500s...they are the same weight as me and pushing these retarded weights.
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