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Re: 2014 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Nicolas Kizzee View Post
The question is would she have qualified if it wasn't for the no reps? It looks like the answer is no based on how well Fisher did in all of the events. (top 4 women all placed in the top 8 in every event. If she does write an article venting I believe it will come across as being a sore loser (as did Mr. Jenkins' blog post where he made reasonable arguments but it still came across as being mad at how he finished due only to the judges).
I recently rewatched the rope climb event and to me the no rep cost her a full round. She took time to regathering herself before re-attempting and it seems like it was about the amount of time to run down and back. If that's accurate she would have beaten Fisher on that WOD and while that difference alone wouldn't send her to the Games, it would have made the final event an actual race.
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