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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
I'm guessing this study was for relatively short exercise? Hyponatremia is a risk if you're exercise for long periods and overhydrating (for example, a marathon runner).
Don't get caught up in extremes. It can happen much easier than most people realize.

I spent enough time (debatably too much time) at the gym in college that I caught most of the "going's on" through osmosis. When a girl went down on the treadmill one morning while I was there. I talked about it later with the manager. She commented that the girl went down from hyponatremia, and that girls go down every year, usually in the spring semester, right after new years. They're on crash diets and suddenly burst into exercise that their body isn't used to, and only drinking water. They all had their cute pink waterbottles and had read online they needed to drink a half gallon a day or more of water.

Boom, electrolyte shortage. Granted they have malnutrition issues coming soon enough behind it, hopefully they'd give up their diet before that happened, but sometimes they didn't.

These girls aren't marathoners, they're just jogging 30min a day on a treadmill and not feeding their bodies properly, and unfortunately hydrating properly becomes a bad thing.
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