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Re: Bamboo Bar

Originally Posted by Rob Darden View Post
You could get a 2 inch diameter PVC pipe and get the same effect. Only difference is you can not load it up with as much weight as a Bamboo bar. I used a PVC pipe through for my shoulder rehab after a torn Labrum and it was great. I never went over hanging 60 lbs from each side cause I wasn't sure of the strength of the PVC pipe, but is was pretty challenging to say the least. This is also a great finisher to any upper body workout. It kills all your stabilizer muscles.
Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
Can get heavier schedule PVC if you're worried about standard sch40 breaking under load. Can carve apart pipe unions to make retaining collars (glue onto the pipe), and use end caps, glue on flanges, elbows, or T's on the end to keep bands from slipping off.
Great ideas guys, never would have thought of that, definitely going to give pvc a try
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