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Re: 28 days in ketosis

Originally Posted by Todd Neal View Post
But do you see how if I don't know what I'm burning, how can I know if I'm in a deficit or surplus? Not to mention the amount of muscle & fat on me affects caloric burn, water and alcohol intake, caffeine, capsaicin, MCT oil, metcons vs lifting workouts, and then there's the efficiency at which my body is working which at the start of ketosis may go down but by 4 weeks may be up again, and finally the adaptation of the body in a starvation state. There are too many variables.

By the way, I checked a few different online calculators which put me in the range of 2,000 to 3,000 kcals burned per day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pig out, I'm just not going to try to track everything that goes in my mouth. If I may point to our ancestors, they simply ate when they were hungry, assuming there was food around, which is like me at work
But since you are doing this as a test, then how do we know if it is a miracle diet or if you got the results you wanted because you were eating the right amount of calories?

When I first started Carb Backloading last year, initially I just gained 10# and I got fat. I didn't count my calories because no one else was and they were getting great results. When I actually started tracking my calories I realized that I was eating way too much for me. Then when I started tracking my calories I actually started seeing the results I was looking for. I did the same thing with the Renegade Diet and even years ago when I had my best results with the 100% strict Paleo Diet, I also had the best results when I actually tracked my calories. After a while I realized that I got the best results when I kept track what I was eating.

So if I was in your shoes and wanted to do a good test and show everyone, I'd keep track of your calories. If you think that a calorie isn't a calorie, then have 3000 calories per day, since that is the highest recommended for you and see for yourself if a calorie really is a calorie or not. Because right now, no matter what your results are, no one is going to know the real answer.
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