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Re: 28 days in ketosis

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
To get into ketosis asap one should be < 20g daily, this will kick most people into it very fast. But to stay in it < 50g is ok, some say even < 100g if you are an active individual and eat carbs "at the right moment". Good luck Todd.
Thanks, Dare! I'll definitely be trying to time my carbs so that I don't ever fall out of ketosis once I'm in it, which should be starting tonight (it's day 3).

Originally Posted by Alexander Dreyzen View Post
This is a valid point. One of the reasons why keto can fail to get you a six-pack is surplus or even equilibrium of calories. You still need a caloric deficit. Keto-adaptation (4-6 weeks is necessary) prepares your enzymes to burn fat instead of glucose and takes away sugar fluctuations and hunger, making caloric restriction possible.
But do you see how if I don't know what I'm burning, how can I know if I'm in a deficit or surplus? Not to mention the amount of muscle & fat on me affects caloric burn, water and alcohol intake, caffeine, capsaicin, MCT oil, metcons vs lifting workouts, and then there's the efficiency at which my body is working which at the start of ketosis may go down but by 4 weeks may be up again, and finally the adaptation of the body in a starvation state. There are too many variables.

By the way, I checked a few different online calculators which put me in the range of 2,000 to 3,000 kcals burned per day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to pig out, I'm just not going to try to track everything that goes in my mouth. If I may point to our ancestors, they simply ate when they were hungry, assuming there was food around, which is like me at work
"Know your engine first, then fuel it appropriately."
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