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Re: 28 days in ketosis

Originally Posted by Paulo Santos View Post
The fact that you are not tracking your calories will be a total failure. If you don't get the results you want, how do you know it isn't because you were eating too many calories?
A good point. I have no idea how much I burn per day (and don't point me to a calculator) so tracking calories from the beginning is only relevant for being able to adjust your calories later. In other words, if I start gaining weight, maybe I'll cut back on what I eat. If I start losing, then I'm good. No need to know the exact number, right?

Originally Posted by Adam Shreim View Post
I think the usual prescription for a keto diet is 15-30g of Carbs, per day.
I basing this on Peter Attia's recommendation of <50g, but I think I'm <30g most days anyway. My carbs are really only coming from nuts and leafy veggies, so I'm not too worried. I appreciate the correction.
"Know your engine first, then fuel it appropriately."
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