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Re: What can low-carb (ketosis) do for you?

Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
The take away from this is that performance will be almost certainly suffer while on a ketogenic diet, and any reduction in BF% will be the result of a negative energy balance not a direct consequence of being in ketosis
I'm truly astounded that you could come to this conclusion.

You can't just say performance will suffer:
"...unimpaired endurance performance..."
"...without negative effects on strength performance..."
For the sake of those who won't read the study, please be clear and say that anaerobic performance will suffer. I even said in my post that my conclusion is that I wouldn't lose endurance or strength. For someone who seems like they read a lot of these studies, you should know better than to spread misinformation.

I agree with the negative energy balance, but who gives a sh*t? If being in ketosis causes you to eat less calories, keep insulin low to promote fat burn, reduce fat creation, or otherwise promote weight loss, then that's a helluva lot better than your typical caloric reduction of the western diet.
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