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Re: What can low-carb (ketosis) do for you?

Originally Posted by Alexander Dreyzen View Post

There are three phosphate transports into cells (to make ATP), creatine (1 rep max) , anaerobic (100m sprint) and aerobic (everything else). The only one that may take a hit in keto is anaerobic, because it requires glycogen, although, in my experience, I didn't lose anything in 400m sprints (I didn't time myself in 100m).
Yes, that seems to be the consensus, although it seems that many here are also worried about 1) long-term effects of keto and 2) building strength and increasing overall fitness in keto. Admittedly, both of those would be difficult (you've got experience at least with number 1) but I think they could be done; IF approached correctly.

Now I'm off to watch that vid.
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