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Re: What can low-carb (ketosis) do for you?

Originally Posted by Todd Neal View Post
Thanks, I'll look into these right now

Darryl, are you sure you linked the correct studies to me? I thought you were against keto diets, but both studies are pro-keto. Or maybe that's the way I'm interpreting them? I'd like to post some results here for discussion:

Study1- "Impaired physical performance is a common but not obligate result of a low carbohydrate diet.
Lessons from traditional Inuit culture indicate that time for adaptation, optimized sodium and
potassium nutriture, and constraint of protein to 15–25 % of daily energy expenditure allow
unimpaired endurance performance despite nutritional ketosis."

Study2- "Despite concerns of coaches and doctors about the possible detrimental effects of low carbohydrate diets on athletic performance and the well known importance of carbohydrates there are no data about VLCKD [very low carb keto diet] and strength performance. The undeniable and sudden effect of VLCKD on fat loss may be useful for those athletes who compete in sports based on weight class. We have demonstrated that using VLCKD for a relatively short time period (i.e. 30 days) can decrease body weight and body fat without negative effects on strength performance in high level athletes."

The take away for me is that I can go keto to get a 6-pack without losing strength or endurance IF (and that's a big if) I do it correctly. So I guess it's just more reading and research on how to do it correctly. Thanks, Darryl!
I was surprised too that Darryl linked these. Maybe he is giving keto a second look? But to answer, your question about doing it correctly, for me, 95% of all the questions were answered in the "JumpstartMD Full Interview with Drs. Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek" video that I linked (WFS). I really recommend everybody, invest 90 minutes of their time.

These guys also wrote a book: "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living"

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