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Re: Not seeing change.....

I couldnt agree with you more.

I have been revamping a "zone" diet for myself and will implement it throughout the winter. The biggest problem I face is that people still have this mental picture of me being in the "BB" world of exercise; constantly striving to have "physical perfection."

I have abandoned most of that mentality, but as you can see, it still continues to haunt me. I figured by 6 months of doing crossfit 6x per week I would be insanely shredded, yet I, key point being "I" feel as if I just lost weight and definition.

But, as I stated, I will be returning to the wonderful world of carbs
As I continue to get older, I should only care about performance and not visual.

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Posta a pic
I am at my office and do not have any pictures on my work computer; at some point over the weekend, I certainly will.
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