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Re: Not seeing change.....

Couple of considerations. If you are about 9% body fat you should be able to see abs. How was your fat assessed and was the tester competent (read: experienced at BF testing)? You probably lost 13lbs of water at your weight and duration of diet. Hard abs may be quite a bit to expect to rock year round. Not that it isn't possible. It is just hard! Even most body builders don't stay at 5% for long. 10% is pretty good.

Nothing wrong with a clean bodybuilder diet it that works for your better than a no carb diet does. This is shortly going to become a carb / no carb debate so I won 't comment further on that.

Creatine isn't un-necessary. It helps with weight training and sprint type output. Your trainer sounds like they are full of pseudo-science and not enough facts regarding performance. I personally would kick someone like that to the curb and find a new one.
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