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Re: Sharknado

So I have been talking to friends at my CF affiliate and it seems like they are totally disorganized right now - here's all the different programs that are going on:

1. The owner and another coach are following Competitor's WOD regularly.

2. The owner is programming his convoluted Westside stuff for the general gymgoers (like, apparently they need reasoning for doing deadlifts during a "squat cycle" and that reasoning is that it helps the lockout... )

3. My little training group before I joined Team LAB (still doing competitions with this group) is doing a long Catalyst cycle.

4. Another little "competition" group is doing stuff basically pulled out of one guy's (not a coach) butt - extra-long conditioning and hero workouts usually from what I've seen.

Aaaand 5. When I come to open gym once a week or so, I do the strength portion of the Team LAB workout... so I'm not helping either