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Re: 500m row

Originally Posted by John Holcombe View Post
I had no idea there was "competitive indoor rowing"
It's what all serious on-water rowers do in the winter when the water is frozen over. It's more popular than you'd think and it is VERY competitive. We're talking current and former Olympians and Div I scholarship rowing athletes.

At the last event I went to a guy rowed 500 meters at a 1:44 pace -- for an hour straight. That's 500m meters at a 1:44 pace - thirty-four times in a row. Another guy rowed an hour straight at a 1:47.6 pace - and got third place.

Question for you guys - what is your damper setting at? I know Jeff's at a 7 and I'm a similar build to him. I'd like to get some more opinions. I never paid much attention and always assumed higher was better so I think i've always rowed in the 7-9 range
Higher not better. It's just higher, like a higher gear on a bike.

One other question for the rowing experts out there regarding proper form. When I row I sometimes notice at the very beginning of the pull I come up on my toes and then when I get into the pull the weight shifts and I rock back onto my heels. If I don't go up as far I can avoid shifting the weight onto my toes at all but I think I lose a little pulling distance. Anyone else get this and if so what am I supposed to do? Is it bad to have the weight on my toes kind of like with squats and most exercises?
Shins should go to about vertical and yes the heels might come up a little. If they come up a lot then you have some flexibility to work on.
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