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Re: Weight belts again

Originally Posted by Daniel Pope View Post
Putting on a belt really tight might decrease activation of certain abdominal muscles but that doesn't matter if the pressure goes up enough to support the spine better.
The idea of the belt is to give you abdominals something solid to push against. Deep belly breath and push out against the belt, think "get fat". The belt should not be so tight that it resticts your abdominals from firing.

Originally Posted by Daniel Pope View Post
I do most of my lifting without a belt for crossfit performance. Most crossfit events have a combination of exercises. What happens when deadlifts, burpees and running show up in a met-con? Wear the belt really tight the entire time?
Depends on the weights and the movements.
If a WOD involves lots of bodyweight/monostructural movements (running, pullups, box jumps burpees,etc.) = No belt

If a WOD is mostly weights (Diane, Grace, Isabel, Linda) I will usually use a belt.