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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

I can certainly understand why she would want cash up front...lots of divorce settlements detail alimony payments etc that never get made.

I'm not a tax expert...but even assuming that the 40% is right (why wouldnt this be long term capital gains for her?), 12mm after taxes right now probably sounded better than 17.5mm over 5 years on a backloaded schedule.

I can certainly see Anthos being intelligent enough to put something in the language of their offer that prevented Lauren from using it as a negotiating tool directly with HQ.

I'm not sure this indicates vindictiveness on Lauren's part...or even lack of financial accumen. Probably just a matter of Greg, HQ and Lauren not really knowing what the company was worth (which is extremely common). Anthos knows what they think it's worth (and they apparently did some due diligence)...and they have cash in hand.
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