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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Craig Massey View Post
That's unfortunate, as that action undermines CF HQ's position as providing a sane, balanced view of proceedings and makes this look more like rabble rousing. And it looks like HQ are scared to let people see the oppositions's position unless it's in a form where they can control how it is presented, eg providing rebuttals to extracts of email conversations. Something a video doesn't permit.

CF HQ staff are aggressively making replies and comments on the opposition's Facebook and Blog. The video was not posted by an Anthos staffer, in fact I'm pretty sure that Jason is an affiliate owner, so by definition an interested party.

I'm sorry, but Anthos are coming off as more reasoned and reasonable at present. This censorship doesn't show CF HQ as confident of their position.
Absolutely. It drives me nuts. It does nothing to benefit the community.
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