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Re: Need a new barbell in uk...


Again Faster UK has just opened shop, and will be taking orders very shortly. Our Again Faster Team Barbell will be available through them. Here is the description, which I wrote for our U.S. website:

"Again Faster Team Barbells

Thousands of these barbells are in use in CrossFit Affiliates worldwide for one simple reason: They hold up to high intensity training and repeated dropping without bending or breaking, and they exhibit the performance of bars that cost twice as much. This is a feat no other bar has achieved at this price point: only $199 for the 20-kg. bar, and $179 for the 15-kg. version.

These barbells were designed specifically for CrossFit training, with an ideal compromise between rigidity and flexibility, allowing you to switch between the olympic lifts and slow lifts without switching barbells. The Team Barbell is a solid all-around choice for Affiliate use or home gym training. Snap ring construction and high quality 1 1/4’' bronze self-lubricating oil-lite bushings give the Team Barbell a smooth, even spin and great durability.

This bright zinc-coated, rustproof barbell features knurling that is aggressive enough to hold chalk but not take skin. There is no center knurl, and rings are spaced to IWF specifications. 20-kg. Team Barbell has a 28.5mm shaft rated at 185,000 PSI, while 15-kg. Team Barbell has a 25mm shaft rated at 165,000 PSI.

Made in the USA.

All Again Faster products, including the Team Barbells, are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if for any reason you aren’t happy with the performance of your gear, simply call or email, and we’ll do our best to make you happy, whether through replacement, repair, or refund. This guarantee applies to every item we sell, and covers all instances except accidents, negligence, and normal wear. Guarantee applies to the original owner."

You can contact Dale Beech in our UK Offices at He'll be able to give you timeframes on availability. I hope that helps!


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