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Re: Greg's workout log

Tuesday 3/27

5min double under practice
PVC mobility work

Hang snatch practice
45 x 5
65 x 3
75 x 3
85 x 3
95 x 1, f, 2

These were all full snatches, not power snatches. Still swinging the bar too far out in front. Feeling a little better about my jumping point after watching a good tutorial on These felt decent but need to keep drilling form at these lower weights before I move up.


Max kbs unbroken - 53kg
rest 3min

Max thrusters unbroken - RX'd was 75lb barbell but I used 2 16kg kb's
rest 3min

Shoulders really tapped from the kbs. Legs still felt ok but couldn't get the press out at the top.

500m row

Really wanted under 1:30 but I slowed too much in the middle. Started off at a 1:28 pace but faded to a 1:31 over the middle 150m or so. Couldn't make it up in the end.
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