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Re: George's Recipe Corner

Originally Posted by Darren Zega View Post
George, the buckwheat isn't replacing anything, the recipie originally called for that much buckwheat plus 3 cups of cornmeal. Do you think that instead it wold make sense to go with 5 cups of buckwheat with .5 cups of flax? (guessing that the buckwheat would have more of a firming effect than cornmeal).
I think maybe I might have an answer. Use the normal 3 cups of buckwheat flour (I'm guessing that is what it is calling for), but instead of cornmeal, use whole buckwheat groats with flaxseed meal mixed in. An acceptable compromise that fits what the cornmeal was trying to do. You can also coarsely grind buckwheat groats to get a meal like cornmeal if that is a closer intent. Groats are not that big to begin with so you have to be careful.

Tell me what you think!

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