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Mikael Välitalo
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Hey all,

Today was the first time I played tennis in over 3 months and I thought I was going to need at least a week to get back to my former level and start competing again... at least that's how it had always been for me. Especially the serve.

Well, what a nice surprise!! I got on court and after 30mns of hitting and then serving it became clear my game was at least as good as before. Everything felt OK.

I think Crossfit is the determining factor here, because it's pretty much the only physical activity I've been doing the last 3 months. I've almost never done a WOD, but the functional compound lifts, the gymnastics, the metabolic workouts and the right nutrition have done wonders for my game. I feel much more coordinated and fast on the court. Stamina was better, also.

So there. To any serious tennis players out there: I can pretty much guarantee Crossfit style training is going to make you play better if you haven't been doing it before!
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