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Re: Overhead Squat

In the early stages of this type of OH work was difficult for me. My shoulders were fairly weak, and my shoulder flexibility not so good. So if your shoulders are not that strong work on making them stronger. Do some shoulder flexibility each time you head to your gym space to work out. When you do put the bar OH for a squat, or whatever. Like they said above. Grip should be just like snatch grip. The bar should actually fall behind your shoulders. It will render behind shoulders, but in front of butt. Once I got stronger shoulders, and better flexibility. I was able to do it. It feels real good once you get to that point. That type of OH work feels very empowering. I'm at about 85 lbs now myself. Which may not seem like much weight, but six months ago I could barely do it with light weights. You'll get it just keep up the practice. Once you have it you will progress quickly.
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