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Paul mentioned in another thread the possibility of elevated insulin levels after a protein/carb meal. I have heard this most of life ("protein + carbs makes you fat") but have always discounted it as a myth.

With simple logic, if I am allotted 500 cals during our test meal, and my food choices are veggies with a net GI of 55 for half of those calories, and animal meat with a GI of 20 for the other half of those calories, won't my net Glycemic Index, AND Glycemic Load be lower than if I ate 500 calories worth of veggies? (I put GI numbers only because I feel more confortable with them as opposed to the more "indicative" GL scale)

So, since almost always, protein meals will have a lower GI and GL, isn't it prefferable to stick them alongside carbohydrates so as to even out our net raise in blood sugar?

I mean, were we to follow the "no protein with carbs" rule, we would be excluding a lot of vegetables and legumes that carry ample supplies of both.

Your thoughts?
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