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Re: Chest Muscle/Strength Gain?

I can sympathise with you being a taller skinny guy. What has helped me a ton with chest strength, and just strenght in general, was the book Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Using the program in this book i went in 4 weeks from a 5 rep max bench of 150 to 175, my body weight is 180, so i was just shy of body weight but i should have done at least 2 months not just one... It basically goes over lifts and then has a starting program from beginners to maximize strength gains. Only thing is with all the other stuff you are training for you probably don't have time or energy to add a whole nother layer of training. Maybe if you plan for like 6-9 months off in between events you could do a month or two of strength training and then come back to marathon training? That will probably be the most effecient way to get bigger/stronger though it will interupt your other work. Anyways hope something in there helps, good luck!

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