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Hey, I've been taking fish oil caplets for a while now, usually 5 (5000mg) per day. I recently ran out and have had to wait about a week for my next bottle to come in the mail (i'm in a place where I can't really buy them conveniently). During that week, I had the worst case of DOMS I've ever had, during a 3 day cycle of "Annie", then 5-5-5-3-3-3 back squat, then a scaled version of the "Hopper" WOD. I was dying. I also noticed a weird sensation in my neck that I can only describe as "crunchy", like cracking knuckle but very very small (although all my joints crack all the time, so who knows). Just wondering if the lack of fish oil could be related, and if anyone else has had any similar experiences.
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