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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Alex thank you very much. Dubs are are great for me. RX Jump ropes is a friend of mine and they shirt, rope and sponsor me a little. Love them!

Monday one and done workout 18.3. Did my usual all over warm up getting my shoulders mobility a much as possible. Squat snatches with the db works well.

Warm up the movements, row, get the heart beat up a little. I was nervous a little because my two boys at the gym re did the workout and didn't improve the scores. I had a goal of 600 reps. Everything felt pretty good. Dubs, ohs, mu both bar and ring and db.

Got my area sorted out, towel and energy drink.. 3..2..1.. go-
100 dubs- 60/40 1:00 min
20 ohs pulled up my knee sleeves- 14/6 slow going just chilling so far- 2:10
100 dubs- 60/40 just over a min I think- was trying to chill being fresh for mu.
12 ring mu- 6 easy/4/2 was happy no problems with these.
100 dubs- 50/30/20 just short breaks
20 db snatches. Coach Corey said this would be the fastest part of the workout and he was right- 11/9 just concentrated on breathing.
100 dubs- can't remember maybe 40/35/25 or something like this. Wanted to hit the bar mu fresh- and fresh I did-
12 Bar MU- 6/4/2 this is where I feel that I could have pushed it looking back. First sign of sub par workout. 7/5 would have gotten me about :20 or so. Or went up for the final 2 faster. No signs of failing. C- rating on these even though I have been struggling with these.
End of Round 1- 12:11

100 dubs- did them economy- 40/25/20/15 or so.. I think that I broke early on the set. This set was good.
20 OHS- was huffing and puffing but the power snatch was easy and settled into a rhythm fairly fast. Was feeling good. I should have finished 20 un broken broke at 14 took about :10 seconds or longer to pick up. Set down and started on the last :15 seconds of dubs.
40 dubs super fast. Had some left in the tank. Very scheduled passionless workout.

Overall grade B but I had an A in me. B= 624 A=684

After some rowing and chill went and did some power cleans with Coach Kyle-
45, 95 three singles, 135 three singles, 185 3 singles, 215 3 singles fast, 235 2 easy singles. Was thinking hey this is going good. Loaded on 255# and hit it well for a pr on the power clean.

So it was a good day for me. A+ on the power clean. Wish I had that one last Monday for the Max.

This workout changed me a bit. I was trying to deal with not training hard as in the past, diet off, being sick 30 days right before the open, being 48.9 years old for the games, some new guys lighting it up, old guys getting better.. this workout showed me that I can still do it. Just need to put in the work.

I try not to look at the 50 year olds but I would have placed 2nd hehe. Still 1 year away. Glad to move up 30+ spots. Hopefully move up a little more each week. Of the 10 or so movements left I like most of them. We will see again in 2 days.
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