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Re: A Bears Tale

Wow 17 days without post any workouts.

Training is going well. My conditioning and strength are much better than last year and I'm not properly injured at the moment, just old achey bits which I can live with. Since being on Comp Train they log all of our scores and notes and when repeats come up we get shown all our past scores which is easier than sifting through here so that's why I've been a little absent.

Anyway why Im on it

4R: :20 secs on :40 secs rest
Max 4.5in deficit kipping HSPU - 9,6,6,6
rest 1:00
4R: :20 secs on :40 secs rest
Max 4.5in deficit kipping HSPU - 7,6,5,5

For time:
1R: 21 Deadlifts 125k - 21 box jump overs - 21 cals Air bike
2R: 15 Deadlifts 100k - 15 box jumps overs - 15 cals Air bike
3R: 9 Deadlifts 83k - 9 box jump overs - 9 cals Air bike - 13.57
Fran 3:19. Diane 2:49. Elizabeth 5:48. Cindy 26+21. Helen 7:50. JT 7:03. Grace 1.56
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